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Monthly Donation

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Please send your membership contribution to

Bank: Commercial Bank PLC

Branch: Kollupitiya

Account Name: The Ceylon Bible Society

Account Number: 1107322201


All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged.

Donation Total: Rs 4,000 Monthly

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For the completely deaf, the only means of communication is sign language, and in Sri Lanka it hasn’t got them far; or anywhere at all.  With so few facilities for the deaf available, they find it difficult to get by without an interpreter.  Whether learning in school or communicating with people, they are helpless.

Their lack of education restricts them to labour-oriented occupations.  Speaking about their experiences in schools they just copy what is on the blackboard. There is no one who can offer an explanation in sign language, so they often don’t understand what is written or what words mean.


The Ceylon Bible Society had informed all the Churches and advertised a Notice in the Daily News Papers asserting the public readers to inform the CBS, of their error findings on the Bible Translations, of possible printing mistakes or other. After much keen observations and cautious scrutiny of the previous edition of the NEW RIVISED SINHALA VERSION WITH DEUTEROCANONICAL BOOKS OF THE BIBLE Printed in 2006, we have received many such observations by the readers on Biblical words, translations, cross references, and foot notes in the Bible etc.,

Therefore, we were able to form a Translation Committee on the 10th of October 2016, under the leadership of His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, and His Grace Archbishop Emeritus, and the Most Revd. Dr. Oswald Thomas C. Gomis represented on behalf of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference in Sri Lanka, and by the leadership of the Rt. Revd. Dhiloraj. R. Canagasabey, (the Bishop of Colombo Diocese), the Patron of the Ceylon Bible Society /National Christian Council of Churches of Sri-Lanka.


Ceylon Bible Society Junior member’s day is one of the annual programme which is dedicated to the Children. This programme will be conducted jointly with the organization named “ a team Adventure “ on Saturday, 26th of October 2019 starting from 8.00 am at the Christian Reformed Church, Bambalapitiya with the participation of 100 Children

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